The development process of COB technology

Published On: 2022-12-24Categories: COB

As a new generation of display technology, Mini LED has gradually become a prairie trend, and Micro LED is on the eve of the upcoming explosion.
So, what kind of technology route is the right road from traditional display evolution to Mini LED and then to Micro LED?

COB is a technical route for LED integrated packaging. COB here refers to the way in which the LED light-emitting chip is directly bonded to the module carrier board with high precision and connected to the driver components on the module carrier board through a dielectric.
In 2017 Sony launched a micro LED display based on flip-flop COB, which played an inspirational role. Subsequently, there is also a route separation between front-mounted COB and flip-flop COB. But the most typical stage is the last two years, especially this year, COB performance, price in the application side of the customer widely recognized, especially in the 1mm below the point pitch of the tiny pitch display field, the advantages are more obvious,, further pull the market demand, but also attract more and more manufacturers to enter the market.

The entry of more and more manufacturers also signals that more companies are voting with money COB technology route, will receive more capital and technology investment, which on the one hand shows that COB route is being recognized by more investors, on the other hand, also supports the COB technology from the door of scale commercialization closer and closer, market acceptance is increasing day by day.

LED display has been promoted in the commercial large screen for decades, the rise of small pitch and display and backlight COB import for Mini/Micro LED to do a perfect warm-up. From an international perspective, Samsung, Sony and other major manufacturers launched Mini/Micro LED screen is also mostly COB technology route, Apple XDR imported FALD backlight is also COB technology. From the domestic panel giant BOE, Huaxing 2020 launched one after another using COB technology route Mini/Micro LED screen, the so-called crowd gathering firewood, which will be a positive trend for the COB industry. We also look forward to better technology to bring a more excellent visual experience for humans.



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