S60PRO Shelf LED Display

Product Parameters

1、Cloud intelligent control, cluster control; USB/Wi-Fi/HDMI/LAN connection, cell phone, tablet, computer control.
2、To realize dynamic pricing, cross-selling
3、Collision prevention, waterproof, dustproof
4、Enhance merchandising, improve supermarket/store sales efficiency
5、High-definition contrast, color fidelity
6、Quick installation and easy maintenance
7、Only 21mm thickness, support right-angle connection

Product Features

These products are mainly used for indoor shelves in supermarkets and shopping malls, where the LED shelf displays play promotional advertisement videos and product prices. Compact design can realize seamless splicing, unit board to unit board splicing tends to be seamless, can be used for cell phone 4G/WIFI control, easy maintenance and installation. Especially Muchhub’s S60pro LED shelf screen has a fully wireless modular design inside. Its modules and HUB are hard-wired, power supply installation is also hard-wired, and even the connection between the screen and the screen is hard-wired with a special connector. This brings great convenience to the customer’s installation and use, just one push and the screen will be connected.

Screen-to-screen hardwiring for simplicity and stability

Product Installation

Mounting fasteners can be adjusted up or down

4 screws at top and bottom for fine-tuning the mounting height and securing the display

technical specification


  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • Brightness Calibrated
  • Panel Dimension
  • Finished size
  • Panel Resolution (H x V)


  • 1.25mm
  • 1000nits
  • 300/600/900/1200X60mm
  • 305/605/905/1205X65mmX21mm
  • 48X240/480/720/960


  • 0.925mm
  • 1000nits
  • 300/600/900/1200X60mm
  • 305/605/905/1205X65mmX21mm
  • 40X200/400/600/800


  • 1.875mm
  • 1000nits
  • 300/600/900/1200X60mm
  • 305/605/905/1205X65mmX21mm
  • 32X160/320/480/640

Product SIZE

s60pro size

S60PRO Side Size

The length of the product is any combination of multiples of the module length 300 mm plus 5 mm for the side cover. For example: 1 module is 1X300+5=305mm, 2 modules is 2X300+5=605mm, 3 modules is 3X300+5=905mm, 4 modules is 4X300+5=1205mm. more lengths are possible using standard unit size combinations, e.g. 10X1200+5=12005mm.

Product Video

S60PRO Rotation Video

S60PRO Surface Detail

S60PRO Assembly Video