HD COB screen P0.7 P0.9

Any length splicing

Product Description

This product adopts the same high-precision synchronous control method as the HD large screen, with high contrast and high refresh, and can be remotely controlled by cell phone, ipad, computer using wifi or LAN and cloud server for connection, uploading programs, editing programs, etc.

Product Features

1. The screen adopts COB technology, which is more stable and durable.
2. Dustproof, anti-oxidation, anti-static, anti-bump, waterproof surface, suitable for use in public places.
2. Built-in switching power supply.
3. Various size combinations, any number of modules in length, height can be fixed.
4. Ultra-light and ultra-thin, only 22mm thickness.
5. High brush and low gray, refresh frequency up to 3840HZ, gray scale level 14Bit.


  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • Brightness Calibrated
  • Panel Dimension
  • Finished size
  • Panel Resolution


  • 0.77mm
  • 600nits
  • 592X83mm
  • 592X88X22mm
  • 768X108


  • 0.925mm
  • 600nits
  • 592X83mm
  • 592X88X22mm
  • 640X90