Application of COB LED display

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COB LED display, tailor-made for micro-pitch, with ultra-small pitch as a breakthrough into the market.COB display will be the mainstream direction in the future, it has high reliability, low cost, small pitch, wear and impact resistance, strong heat dissipation ability and many other advantages compared with the traditional surface mount technology display.

COB package of ultra-micro pitch, so that COB LED display screen display ultra-high-definition and delicate, and “surface” light source luminous, light quality is better, close viewing does not hurt the eyes, is really close viewing occasions, need to shoot the occasion of the second choice.

The high quality characteristics of COB display itself are suitable for occasions where high quality is required for the display screen.
For example:

1. Studio:

effectively inhibit moiré, resist blue light, on the basis of rich and full color, you can do long time viewing without eye damage.

2. High-end conference room:

The advantages of COB display are not only experienced in good picture quality, strong protection, easy cleaning, low consumption… Ultra-high contrast ratio, ultra-high refresh rate, powerful performance is also its highlight, 10000:1 contrast ratio, >3840Hz refresh rate, configuration are the winners in the display industry.

3. High-quality rental occasions:

COB encapsulated display all-round protection, no wear and tear, damage during transportation and installation. So for some frequent loading and unloading purposes, COB LED display is also preferred.


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