Ready for the COB small pitch market explosion mode!

Published On: 2022-11-24Categories: COB

With the development of LED display technology, LED display products are becoming more and more diversified, not only to meet the diverse needs of different terminal application scenarios, but also to promote the development and growth of the industry, especially the development and application of ultra-high-definition small-pitch technology, which further broadens the market area of the LED display industry. Currently, COB small pitch technology-based application products and markets are gradually maturing, bringing new momentum to the development of the industry, and in the case of continued low market demand, showing strong growth.
Looking back, 2022 is the 7th year that COB small pitch has entered the market. If 2016 was the first year of COB, 2017 was the year of project application trial for industry manufacturers, and 2018, the year of market growth for COB small pitch LED products, then in 2022, as the technology of COB products gradually stabilizes and the market further popularizes, from the current industry and market From the perspective of the current industry and market situation, COB small pitch has opened the market explosion mode.

According to the research data of relevant institutions, the compound growth rate of China’s small-pitch LED display market scale from 2018 to 2020 is more than 40%, and by 2023, COB products will account for more than half of the small-pitch LED market, ushering in a real explosive period.

As we all know, at this stage, the LED industry is affected by the general environment, the development rate continues to decline, whether to seize the marginal pull opportunities brought about by the new downstream demand, become the key to the industry to turn the tide against the wind or not, so the current COB small pitch market take-off is undoubtedly a new hope for the continued depression of the industry. I believe that in the downstream COB, Mini LED and other new technologies, LED display market will usher in a new demand explosion opportunities! Of course, opportunities are also left to those who are prepared. Excellent technology and product strength, as well as sufficient market expansion are the keys to seize opportunities.


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