The difference between COB and smd LED display

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1.What is COB display?

COB and SMD is the same as a packaging method of LED, but the difference is that SMD is called surface mount packaging technology, meaning that the wicks are welded one by one on the PCB board into a unit board; while COB is the light-emitting chips integrated in the PCB board, and not like SMD as one by one welding on the PCB board.
COB display is the use of COB technology to produce the display module composed of LED display called COB display.

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2.The main features of COB display.

COB display has the following characteristics due to the uniqueness of its packaging method: mass production, small display pitch, good luminosity, and good impact and water resistance.

3. The main difference between COB and smd

SMD light source is the surface mount light-emitting diode, with a large light-emitting angle, up to 120-160 degrees, compared to the early plug-in package high efficiency, good precision, low solder rate, light quality, small size and other advantages.

COB light source refers to the chip directly on the entire substrate for bonding package, that is, in the substrate on the N chip inheritance integrated together for packaging. Mainly used to solve the problem of small power chip manufacturing high-power LED lights, can disperse the chip heat dissipation, improve the light efficiency, while improving the glare effect of the LED lights. COB luminous flux density is high, less glare light soft, issued by a uniform distribution of light surface.


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