How to design a COB package LED display solution

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Nowadays, there are a variety of LED display packaging technology, of which COB package as a new LED packaging technology is widely used in small-pitch LED products, the advantage of this packaging scheme is that the LED display point spacing to do smaller, greatly improve the resolution of the LED screen, but also to reduce the rate of light drop, improve the stability of the screen. So now in some indoor high-end large screen splicing occasions, taking into account the clarity and stability of the double-layer factors, many users are beginning to choose COB package LED display, so this technical solution should be how to do it.

First of all, we need to understand, about the LED display packaging technology, in the traditional LED product line, packaging technology mostly SMD surface mount packaging, it is relatively simple packaging, the cost is also relatively low, but limited by its technical limitations, it can not achieve a smaller pitch LED products packaging, especially when the point spacing of 1 mm or less, which has reached its limit, at this time COB packaging technology was introduced.

COB packaging technology has changed the process of SMD packaging technology in the past, it no longer needs reflow soldering and bracket, the whole LED beads and PCB board packaging is a flat, so it is in the transportation and installation process of the light drop rate is lower, greatly enhancing the technical stability.

At present, the LED display COB packaging technology is mainly for the tiny pitch products, such as P1.25, P0.9, P0.6 and other specifications, these point spacing almost reached the same pitch as the LCD, can make the whole LED screen resolution higher, so as to display images more clearly.

In the design of the LED screen technology program, if we require the entire screen high-definition and the need for long-term operation, this time COB package of some small pitch products is not a bad choice, of course, the overall budget will also be slightly higher, in the program design before to clarify these factors.

Secondly, we need to choose the appropriate point spacing LED according to the viewing distance and the content of the display, so as to ensure that the screen is clearly visible when watching, such as P0.9 this one is used more, the point spacing is small, the price is appropriate, and the stability is strong.

After determining the LED specifications, according to the size of the installation location to design the size of the corresponding LED display, such as the length and height is how much, this time to consider the size of the LED module or box used, according to decide how many modules splicing.

According to the number of LED display modules and how much resolution need to calculate the number of sending and receiving cards, while matching the corresponding image processing control equipment to achieve the matching of signal and display, different manufacturers’ products are different, then it is necessary to configure individually.

The whole LED display COB package technology program is the later design is the installation method, because taking into account the aesthetics, in the installation is usually used more are attached to the wall installation, reserved for a certain maintenance space, of course, can also be made before the maintenance, this time the whole installation and maintenance is more convenient.

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